Community Super League

Community Super League

10 x teams of 4 drivers. (1 team per community, doesn’t need to be the same 4 drivers every race)
5 x races
1 x mandatory pitstop for Tyres and Fuel
90 min race
Single make series – McLaren 720s

Points are offered to every finishing place and the team totals are made up from the 4 drivers. These points are then added to a Standings Table, which would be available on, and the winning community would be the team with the most cummulative points over the 5 races. After which a trophy would be given.

Each team would have their own custom livery so that they are easily distinguishable.


July 24th, 7PM BST – Kyalami
August 7th 7PM BST – Suzuka
August 21st 7PM BST – Hungaroring
September 4th 7PM BST – Spa
September 16th 7PM BST – Imola


Rapid Drivers Club

S4LT – Sir Foch Community


Hacking – Sarah Moore Community

Half Fast Gaming

Mixed Wheels

oNid Racing

Enigma Polygon

Wild things Racing

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